Phil Doleman and Ian Emmerson To Headline Saturday!

Phil and Ian have been threatening to make it to North Wales since the first gathering three years ago. I’m delighted to announce that their new “rootsy, jazzy, folky outfit” will being playing after the Open Mic on Saturday Night.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves on their website in that awkward third person you use when talking about yourself when you write your own biog:

Touring together since 2007, Phil Doleman (ukulele, guitar and vocals) and Ian Emmerson (ukulele, baritone ukulele and vocals) have built a reputation as entertaining, playful, engaging performers, as well as being considered two of the finest exponents of the ukulele. ‘Eclectic’ is the word- anything is up for grabs as long as it’s a good tune. In their original compositions and interpretations of standards, they seem to have a musical ‘telepathy’ which allows them the freedom to stretch out and really play the music they so obviously love.


Ian (L) and Phil (R) relaxing on a bench and smiling, perhaps reminiscing about one of the many happy times they’ve shared together on their remarkable musical journey.

It’s all true, check out some of their videos here:


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